ASL's F252 provides high accuracy, dual channel temperature measurement with Platinum Resistance Thermometers - PRTs - and uses AC bridge technology as developed by ASL for Standards Laboratories throughout the world. Model F252 requires no regular recalibration, the AC circuit techniques eliminating thermal EMFs and drift, while providing excellent long term stability. Front panel data entry allows you to enter probe calibration data into the F252's memory, so that thermometer resistance can be accurately converted to temperature in °C, °F or K. This can be password protected to prohibit unauthorised or accidental data entry. The combination of proven technology and sophisticated microprocessor control gives you a reliable, easy to use precision instrument.

  • Accuracy: ±0.01°C; up to ±0.02°C with probe
  • 4 wire AC bridge for stability without recalibrating
  • User selectable resolution of up to 0.001°C or 0.0001 ohms over full range
  • Range: -200°C to +962°C depending on probe
  • 2 channels as standard with optional 4 or 6 channels expandable up to an additional 64 channels with Switchboxes